System and Equipment Control Solution

We offer a wide range of consulting, design, and implementation services as well as products with partnership from industry leaders in building management field. Our systems solution, web-based design and visualization interface, provide powerful connectivity, and advanced control, monitoring and analysis, for your Internet of Things building.

Controllers utilize BACnet/IP and IT standards, delivering empowered IP connectivity and open integration with building management systems. Choose wired IP, Wi-Fi, or combine both on a same controller to suit the building’s infrastructure, architecture and layouts.

  • BTL Listed as BACnet Building Controllers, with embedded schedules, alarms and trend logs
  • Simultaneous support of wired IP and Wi-Fi (Access point, client, hotspot), including support of Wi-Fi bridge. Two Ethernet ports allow controllers to be wired in daisy-chain topology and enable an STP loop-free topologyconfiguration for redundancy and increased reliability
  • Embedded support of BACnet MS/TP routing to IP, BACnet Discovery, and Modbus integration, to cost effectively connect meters, VFDs and other devices without additional gateways
  • Support of Smart Room Control solution, for unified HVAC, Lighting and shades/sunblind control
  • All models available with embedded web-based graphic design and visualization interface, for local hosting of application and monitoring graphics
  • Advanced, built-in security features and authentication services, for robust IP-based implementation