Cyber Security

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving and increasingly complex, and most companies don’t have the cyber security tools and capacity in-house to keep security measures up-to-date. Because it’s easier than ever for hackers to initiate an attack, organizations now experience increased risk and higher levels of uncertainty. Subsequently, breaches and successful attacks can cost companies millions — not to mention the harm to your brand’s reputation.

Want to stay ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats?

Almost everything you do for your business is done online; you interact with customers, you make and receive payments, and you store enormous amounts of data. With so much of your success reliant upon the digital world, your organization will never be 100% secure from security threats. Having a solid cyber strategy that is defined around your business needs and desired outcomes is critical to making sure your business can stay ahead of evolving cyberthreats. CSP can not only help you define that strategy, but also select and implement the solutions that will keep both your business and customer data secure.

Our comprehensive solutions and services enable you to develop cybersecurity strategies that support your business objectives.

Cyber threats will always plague your business. As your technology partner, we work with you to understand your key business objectives and challenges, then help you design and implement a hardware and software cybersecurity solution that allows you to innovate and scale. Our experts are equipped to provide best practices and benefits at every step that help you build a stronger resilience to the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

We help you protect your business

We can help you navigate the increasingly complex cybersecurity technology provider landscape. Our experts will work closely with you to explore, identify and implement cybersecurity solutions that provide end-to-end digital protection for your business, ensuring your business-critical components aren’t at risk to potential threats.

We help you protect your data

Customer data and employee information are valuable assets, protected by privacy law. If a malicious attacker accesses this information, you could quickly become the victim of a ransomware attack. At CSP, we will work with you to create an easily manageable, data-first security strategy that can evolve as cyberattacks become more sophisticated.

We help you protect your employees

CSP experts can provide deep insight into your employee workspaces to provide visibility of the potential risks they are exposed to. Together we can develop a plan to implement improved endpoint patch management and a streamlined cybersecurity strategy that will allow your employees to work online in safety, minimizing the risk of physical and digital loss.

Security Assessments and Testing

Our portfolio of cyber security solutions consists of a variety of services designed to meet all of your company’s needs. They’re also customizable to your specific requirements and provide detailed notifications, reporting, and dashboards. We help you choose the best solution, tailored specifically for the cyber security threats your organization faces.

  • We reduce your company’s cyber risk exposure.
  • We combine the latest state of the art automation technologies with the skill and experience of our cyber specialists to give our customers unparalleled visibility and control of the cyber risks that their businesses face.


Cyber risks facing your business to give you the information necessary to protect your business from cyber attacks and increase your awareness of third-party risks


Continuously, your entire security infrastructure to identify where your security is working, where there are gaps, and which are the highest priority to fix based on potential damage to your business.


On how to reduce your Cyber Risk with a clear view of your security posture, understand how you compare against your competitors and know your status on relevant compliance standards and regulations


Crown Jewel Protection, Detection and Response solutions for the full asset life cycle with the use of the MITRE ATT&CK Framework


To deliver continuous assessment and testing of your entire security infrastructure

Our Approach

We work with the most innovative security vendors in the industry to protect our customers from the most common to the most advanced cyber threats.

To create a new generation of cyber security solution and managed services provider.

We are building the next evolution of security solution provider and advisory firm that will continue to evolve with the changing threat landscape.

We combine the latest state of the art automation technologies with the skill and experience of our cyber specialists to give our customers unparalleled visibility and control of the cyber risks that their businesses face.