Building Management Systems

An Intelligent Building Management System is an innovative system that ensures that all your building systems – Illumination (lighting) control, Electric power control Heating, Ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), Video surveillance, Intrusion Prevention, Fire alarm system, Plumbing, Lifts and Elevators, Public addressing system. Parking systems all operate in complete harmony.

The system co-ordinates and organizes all the information logically and delivers on a ‘need to know’ basis. Today’s Intelligent Building Management Systems go way beyond their usual role of being an integration platform by laying a foundation for new forms of services. An Intelligent Building Management System drastically improves functionality and overall performance of the various building systems and integrates them into an enhanced IT infrastructure.

Today’s building is installed with multiple proprietary networks for various systems – the result is a complex and expensive network with management issues, high installation costs with limited functionality and automation.

CSP can help create an intelligent integrated system that provides functionality while integrating all your building system

Is Your Building Meeting Everyone’s Needs?

Occupant demands are constantly changing and getting more and more sophisticated. Our connected building control systems not only satisfy occupant demands, they also make your building more operationally and energy efficient. Our commitment to open protocols, and industry IT standards, combined with our best-of-breed technology offering, creates a sustainable foundation that supports and evolves with your building system’s lifecycle.

Your Business
Attract occupants and help ensure the productivity of employees with integrated and connected building systems. Our proven IP-based solution creates a secure and open system so that you can offer your occupants and employees more – more app integration, more environmental control, and more flexibility to change workplace configuration.

Your Building and Its Operations
Unify and integrate your disparate building systems from multiple vendors into one open platform without getting tied down to one service provider. Create customized dashboards that provide insight and visibility into operations, alarms such as equipment faults, and trends including energy usage during peak periods to proactively manage buildings and remotely troubleshoot issues. Leverage technology such as RESTful API, BACnet IP, connected controllers and unified systems to help future-ready your campus as technology continues to advance.

Your Energy Costs
Automation and features like occupancy sensing, scheduling and daylight harvesting, along with less redundancy in your network infrastructure helps buildings reduce their carbon footprint. Plus, our user-friendly dashboards let you see where your energy is going and identify areas of improvement.

Your Tenants and Employees
Employees become more productive in the comfortable and healthy environment created through optimizing lighting, and air quality. By linking our BAS and open RESTful API with 3rd party room booking software, conference rooms become meeting-ready with proper temperature and lighting. Tenants have great control of their space through a touchscreen controller and repartitioning software makes it easy to reconfigure work space as needed.