Structure Cabling

When your business employs technological solutions before its growth, it often finds itself reaching a limit of its cable infrastructure design. Speeds need to improve and structured communications have to be set up in place for your business runs smoothly. Cluttering and congesting of cable structures can be a hindrance for both communications infrastructure and the location its placed in.

To solve these issues, structured cabling solutions need to be implemented.

CSP’ certified engineers will design, plan, engineer and execute the wiring foundation needed to meet your current and future needs. From single to multi-point connectivity, we can custom design a cable infrastructure for your organization today that will be scalable for future growth.

If you’re thinking about rewiring or reorganizing your current setup to prepare for growth, that’s well within our wheelhouse too. Our start-to-finish solutions include data center design, fiber optics and wireless design and implementation.

Data Cabling

Data cabling in most business environments is considered to be the literal communications backbone. Providing connectivity for voice/phones, data/computers/networking hardware, audiovisual equipment, security equipment, paging systems, and beyond, cabling serves a wide array of purposes. CSP can provide copper and fiber optic connectivity for voice/phones, data/computers/networking hardware, audiovisual equipment, security equipment, paging systems, and beyond.

RDM is a leading manufacturer of structured cabling, grounding, fiber optics, racks and cabinets, and structured cabling accessories. Panduit’s dedication to producing quality telecommunications products at varying price levels provide customers of all sizes to take advantage of their robust product line. Their innovative solutions and products ensure that in every deployment, customers are receiving quality regardless of the environment.

Data cabling services include:

  • Category 5e, 6, 6a, coax (TV), speaker cable, outside plant
  • Providing the type of data cable needed for specific purposes or solutions, depending on the present and projected technical requirement.
  • Plenum, non-plenum, and PVC
  • Electrical cabling solutions depending on physical infrastructure requirements and chemical makeup desired.
  • Backbone cabling
  • Connection of cable structures between facilities and rooms, providing the needed cable framework for your business.
  • Riser cable and conduit installation
  • Cabling that rises between floors as part of the backbone of your data cabling infrastructure and its design.
  • Extended manufacturer warranties available
  • Office data cabling installations from quality manufacturers come with a warranty against product defects.
  • Cable certifications
  • Ensuring the data cabling installed goes in accordance with product specifications and due requirements.

All necessary IT equipment

  • Servers
  • Storage hardware
  • Security elements: firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems and VPN appliances
  • Operations staff to monitor operations and maintain IT and infrastructural equipment 24×7

Partner with CSP for a robust, reliable and affordable data center solution built for compliance, disaster recovery and maximum uptime.

Manufacturer certified technicians
We work with professionals with special training and certification from cable manufacturers to ensure the quality of work and keen technical insight.

Fiber Optic Cabling
Although fiber optic cabling solutions are not suited for all business environments, it can serve as a useful solution for large facilities. Fiber optic cabling is frequently used when connecting multiple IDF locations together within a large space, for providing connections that span far distances that exceed what standard Category 5e/6/6a cabling can cover, or if a higher speed connection is required.

RDM sets the stage for telecommunications when it comes to fiber optic cabling. Their products can be found in a multitude of environments ranging from temperature-controlled buildings such as schools, hospitals, and warehouses to exposed, harsh weather conditions. RDM’s offerings are an industry standard which can frequently be found in various areas worldwide, along with their fiber optic accessories.

Fiber optic services include:

  • Single-mode (OS1, OS2)
  • Usually used for long distance communications for telecommunication service companies and educational organizations.
  • Multi-mode (OM1, OM2, OM3)
  • Used mostly for internal, short distance network communications and device telecommunications.
  • Termination types: ST, SC, LC
  • Fiber optic connector settings used selectively for each type of application.
  • Fiber optic backbones
  • Connections for large internal data management for fiber optic infrastructure design.
  • Extended manufacturer warranties available
  • Fiber optic cables from manufacturers who provide a warranty against product defects.
  • Fiber certifications
  • Cables manufactured to performance specifications and safety standards from the industry.

Manufacturer certified technicians
Installed by a team of trained professionals with knowledge and insight into the workings of fiber optic cabling solutions.

Rack Cable Management
Rack cable management is a crucial task done by determining the best layout and necessary equipment for any new MDF/IDF/server room or room organization. Optimizing room space, providing the best solutions possible, while working with what a customer needs is where our Design team brings ideas to life.
Our goal is to make sure that your business has an organized space for your cabling and networking equipment that suits the company’s needs now while also planning for future growth as well.
When designing a custom MDF or server room, the key to a successful build is to have a variety of options, sizing, and colors available to allow the perfect fit and that is what Conteg offers. Conteg has a vast selection of cable runways and accessories, ladder racking, 2-post, and 4-post racks, enclosed cabinets, horizontal and vertical cable management, and much more. With Conteg as a key partner, this allows our Design team at CSP to configure a unique and optimal design for your company’s needs.

Our rack cable management services include:

  • Custom designed MDF/IDF/server room layouts
  • Cable distribution frames to manage multiple simultaneous connections.
  • 2 and 4-post network racks
  • Server rack cable management frames to mount your connection hubs with multiple space capacities.
  • Enclosed cabinets in variety of heights and sizes
  • Following quality standards, improving cooling capacities and facilitating wiring solutions.
  • Ladder racking and supports
  • Solid supports for cable runway management.
  • Rack shelving
  • A practical way to provide heavy duty rack cabling installation.
  • Vertical and horizontal cable management
  • Forming customized pathways depending on the needs and specifications of the space.
  • Power distribution units (PDUs)
  • Electrical power distribution units that provide power management and protection to the server rack installation.

Cabling Repair and Management Services
Over time, it is not uncommon for a company’s IT room to become neglected and disorganized with cables strung about and connecting miscellaneous pieces of equipment. It is easy for these cables to get intertwined, be unlabeled, and get disconnected by accident because of the disarray. With CSP’ team of professionals, we can assist with cabling repair and maintenance by documenting existing cabling a nd networking connections within a company’s space and providing a facelift to those unsightly rooms. This can make it easier to identify issues that may arise or to make future connections to new equipment.
Existing data cabling and fiber optics can have infrequent issues that require a technician to assist. We can dispatch our qualified cabling repair and maintenance technicians out to a customer’s location to troubleshoot an issue involving data cabling or fiber optics, identify the problem at hand, repair the issue, and provide resolution. If for any reason our team is not able to resolve the issue during the visit, our team will provide solutions to our customers that will offer a way to clear the issue.

Our cabling repair and maintenance services include:

  • Documentation of existing cabling and fiber optic
  • Keeping an organized record of the cabling infrastructure and its purpose.
  • Existing network rack clean-up and re-organization
  • Making sure the cabling infrastructure is placed in an efficient manner.
  • Category 5e, 6, 6a cable and fiber optic troubleshooting
  • Identifying problems with cable and fiber optic setups with accurate diagnostics.
  • Category 5e, 6, 6a cable and fiber optic repair
  • Applying technical expertise to mend and return cabling setups for them to work properly.