Data Center Solution

Your data center is the brain of a company and the place where the most critical processes are run. Data centers are the facility that centralizes your organization’s IT operations and equipment. It is where your organization’s data is stored, managed and disseminated.


A data center houses your network’s most critical systems and is vital to the continuity of daily operations. Consequentially, the security and reliability of a data center and its information is not only a top priority, but also ensures an organization’s survival in case of any disaster.
Data center architectures and requirements can differ significantly, but CSP can design and implement a robust, cost effective, scalable and highly accessible data center to support your business’ needs. With CSP’s experienced team on your side, your business can count on high data availability, security and integrity at all times.

Our robust data center solutions include:

  • Design and layout services of the data center
  • Design and implementation of IT cabinets
  • Design and implementation of UPS and power distribution
  • Design and implementation of generator and ATS
  • Design and implementation of battery systems
  • Design and implementation of computer room air conditioning and cooling distribution
  • Installation of raised flooring and fire detection systems on Novec 1230 and other dry-type suppression systems
  • Installation of environmental monitoring systems
  • Design and implementation of CCTV and IP-camera systems, access control systems
  • Design and implementation of structured cabling solutions
  • Design and implementation of cable pathways.

All necessary IT equipment

  • Servers
  • Storage hardware
  • Security elements: firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems and VPN appliances
  • Operations staff to monitor operations and maintain IT and infrastructural equipment 24×7

Partner with CSP for a robust, reliable and affordable data center solution built for compliance, disaster recovery and maximum uptime.