ALIOT™ Smart Solutions

Find ALIOT™ features that will help you to accelerate your IoT project

ALIOT™ is working with dozens of different processors, technologies and hardware manufactures

All Your Protocols in ALIOT™ Platform

  • The turn-key solution for your project. The sky is the limit.

Beautiful dashboards

  • ALIOT™ platform creates dashboards and control panels for you and any actor related with your projects.
  • With ALIOT™ dashboards, you can visualize data, KPIs and more with few clicks. We are the end-to-end simplest platform in the market.

Device management

  • Connect your things and sensors to our platform in just few minutes! Reduce your time to market and work with IT experts.

Secure and private by default

  • At CSP we take the responsibility of helping you to design your products thinking on security from the beginning.
  • That’s why security and privacy are key focus areas on ALIOT™ and product development.

Data Encryption

  • Your data is encrypted at rest and protected by TLS in transit.
  • All your passwords are hashed using encryption algorithms.
  • Clients cannot see data from others as we designed ALIOT™ with privacy as security is really important on internet world.

Alerts and Alarms

  • Automatize alerts of your things for you and your customers. Send notifications through e-mail, SMS, voice calls or any type of service available from ALIOT™ platform.