Field Devices

CSP provides to customers with an extensive range of field devices to complement our building automation offering for a complete, cost effective solution, from design to installation.

AC — Access Control
Readers and credentials provide the necessary inputs for identifying occupants in an access control system. Our readers and credentials use the latest secure, smart contactless technologies, while maintaining complete interoperability with legacy systems. Furthermore, the readers are enabled for migration to future access control technologies.

AV — Air Velocity
Air velocity sensors output the actual speed of airflow to the building automation system. This allows the BAS to monitor and control the amount of air flowing through the ventilation system.

CB — Wire and Cable
Low-voltage wire and cable is the nervous system of the building controls network. Communication cable connects together BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP and LonWorks control networks. Cat 5e patch cords quickly snap Allure sensor and Smart Room Control products to controllers without the need of any tools. Our large variety of FT-4 and FT-6 multi-conductor cable is suitable for all sensor, actuator and controller connections.

CS – Current Sensing
Current sensors are essential components of all building and energy management systems. Our family of solid and split-core current sensors offer all the features needed for any application including current or voltage outputs, fixed or adjustable trip points, built-in relay, LED indicator and override switch.

DA – Dampers & Actuators
Dampers are the control points for regulating the flow of air in a ventilation system. Our line of volume control dampers covers all leakage and sizing requirements and are suitable for all climates and air control applications. Our spring and non-spring return series of actuators can control small terminal unit dampers up to large intake air dampers. Options are available for input voltage, control signal output, as well as auxiliary end switches and adjustable span and offset.

FS – Fluid Sensing
Fluid sensing devices are used to ensure proper flow in piping systems, monitor liquid levels and warn the system of leaks, amongst other functions. Our collection of liquid flow switches, level switches and leak detectors can be installed on new and retrofit projects alike.

GS – Gas Sensing
Gas sensing devices are vital to the wellbeing of building occupants. Our portfolio of gas sensors can detect carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), smoke, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and a number of other gases and compounds that can pose a threat to health and safety. Available devices can transmit gas levels back to the BAS and can also directly control exhaust systems to remove harmful toxins and bring in fresh air.

HS – Humidity Sensing
Humidity sensing devices help maintain a comfortable environment for building occupants and safe conditions for equipment where moisture can cause damage. A variety of humidity and combination humidity and temperature sensors are available in different types of enclosures for installation in rooms, ducts and outdoors. Humidity sensing accuracy can be chosen based on the needs of the application. Sensors for monitoring and detecting condensation are also available.

ID – Inverter (Variable Frequency) Drives
Inverter (Variable Frequency) drives are important to any building energy saving initiative. Our line of drives is specifically designed for all HVAC applications and connect seamlessly to the BAS through standard protocols. They can be installed anywhere, no matter the motor size, voltage or enclosure requirements and can be packaged with disconnects, fuses and bypasses.

LS – Light Sensing
Switches, motion sensors and light level sensors are the key components of any lighting control system. Our lighting control devices leverage the latest technologies to help build an advanced lighting and daylighting control system while satisfying the aesthetic needs of the visible space.

ME – Meters
Meters are crucial to any energy management system. Power, water and gas meters feed energy data to the EMS that can then be used as part of a number of initiatives including sub-metering, tenant billing, and demand response. Our meters are suitable for all installations whether new or retrofit.

NC – Network Connectivity
Network connectivity devices maintain proper communication between controllers in a BAS. Our product range consists of adapters, routers, repeaters, switches and devices for connecting BACnet and LonWorks® networks.

PP – Panel Products
Panels and enclosures keep controllers and components safe and secure. Available in a range of sizes, protection ratings, and with or without sub-panels, our panels are suitable for all installation requirements.

PS – Pressure Sensing
Maintaining correct pressure in a control system is extremely important for proper system function, equipment protection and can be critical in clean room applications. Our family of pressure sensors can measure air and liquid, static and differential pressures within all common ranges and units.

PW – Power
No control system can function correctly without proper power distribution. Our large portfolio of power supplies and transformers offer multiple voltage, power consumption, and form factor options to meet most BAS requirements.

RE – Relays
Relays are a standard component in all control systems. We have a complete line of pilot, power, and specialty relays in a variety of form factors. Solid state relays (SSR), solid state contactor relays (SSCR) and staging controllers are also available for more advanced control requirements.

SC – Signal Converters
Signal converters help to connect various kinds of equipment to a control system. Many simple devices serve to alter analog, floating, resistance, pulse, pneumatic and other control signals in a variety of ways.

TS – Temperature Sensing
Temperature sensors are fundamental to any BAS where occupant comfort is paramount. Our full line of temperature sensors and transmitters are used for air, liquid and solid surfaces and are available with a variety of temperature sensor types, enclosures and form factors.

VA – Valves & Actuators
Valves are the control points for regulating the flow of water in a piping system. Our line of control valves includes ball, globe, butterfly and pressure independent valves for zone to central plant applications.

WI – Wireless
Wireless devices offer cost savings and flexibility of installation. They are ideal for building retrofits, open spaces that undergo frequent layout changes and installations on all kinds of surfaces. These devices use energy harvesting technologies and low power wireless communication in order to be truly wireless and battery-less. Devices include a variety of temperature, humidity, motion and light level sensors as well as light switches and door/window contacts.