Environment Monitoring

Protecting your facility’s assets and valuables is an essential part of any security program. With our Monitoring sensors, you can monitor different environment conditions such as temperature, humidity, leakage, motion detection, voltage levels, people and room presence, and many others.

Mobile Application
ALIOT™ Mobile application provides a simple, yet powerful means of tracking the status and condition of assets in real-time. If a monitored area reaches unsafe levels, instant notification communicates the issue and exact location of the tag within a floor, hallway or room, ensuring fast response time for security personnel.
ALIOT™ Mobile integrates with third-party applications so you can easily manage assets, categories, and map zones. Easily access visibility data remotely from web browsers, tablets, or mobile devices.

Customized Reporting
Our robust reporting feature allows you to create and export sophisticated reports in order to gain the visibility you need for your facility.